Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bold Gold . . .

Top: Free People, gifted
Camisole: J. C. Penney's
Jeans: J. C. Penney's
Shoes: Betseyville, Macy's
Bag: Gifted
Belt: J. C. Penney's

 Terrific Tusks Necklace

Dress: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Top: J. C. Penney's
Cardigan: Kohl's
Shoes: Carlos Santana, Macy's
Bag: J. C. Penney's

Sweater: Boscov's
Blouse: Marshalls
Jeans: Boscov's
Shoes: Parade of Shoes
Bag: Kohl's
Scarf: J. C. Penney's

Top: Kohl's
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Alloy
Bag: Target
Belt: Kohl's
Sunglasses: Kohl's

Wild Rose Necklace

Blouse: J. C. Penney's
Camisole: Kohl's
Jeans: Mossimo, Target
Shoes: Ami Clubwear
Bag: Kohl's
Jacket: Bisou Bisou, J. C. Penney's

. . . not to be confused with Rold Gold.  As in pretzels.  Unless, of course, this week's hook is a promise to untwist the mystery that is fashion (it isn't).  That having been said, I'll move on to the other defining element of this post's pieces, namely elephants.

I like to eat an elephant one bite at a time.  (I also like white elephant gifts [although not white elephant parties] and referring to painfully obvious and obviously painful unspoken topics as elephants in the room.)  Like most of us, I find that this sneak snack attack resolves most of life's seemingly insurmountable tasks, whether they be writing a book, finding a use for your 100-piece protractor collection, or unearthing a much-cherished (insert name of guilty pleasure artist) CD from your clutter-clogged trunk.  My own personal self-help safari has most recently led me to tackle the mess that is my craft room.  Truth be told, "craft room" is too lofty a label for the second bedroom that also houses the husband's clothes because our bedroom closet, as well as every other available surface, is claimed by my kudzu-like wardrobe.  "Craft room" also suggests that I make most of my stuff at a designated work station instead of on the living room couch binge watching TV.  Anyway, I considered snapping and posting a few "before" shots but quickly rejected that idea, having no wish to be outed on "Hoarders."  Each weekend I persevere by beating another shelf or corner into submission, an endeavor that involves repackaging my stock, marveling at the occasional, hey-that-would-make-an-awesome-necklace find, and mostly wondering why the heck I ever thought I needed so much paint.

In other domestic news, earlier this week my check engine light came on.  This had happened a few months ago, then stopped as mysteriously as it started.  I tried not to panic, summoning the wisdom of "The Big Bang Theory" by telling myself to be more like Penny and less like Sheldon.  (Hey, she drove that old Volkswagen for nearly seven seasons before it finally died and Leonard had to buy her a new one.)  But such sitcom solace was not to be had, as images of fiery auto crashes exploded in my head Sheldon-style as I crept along the highway to the tune of honking.  When I got home one white-knuckled hour later, I vowed to call a mechanic (okay, to ask the husband to call a mechanic) and get to the bottom of things once and for all.  The talk was had, the phone number retrieved, and then . . . the light never came back on.  The Sheldon in me was disappointed and even insisted that we still call the mechanic to get to the root of this insidious issue.  But the Penny in me was relieved and already spending the car repair money on rhinestones.  You know.  To store in my (almost) clean craft room.  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tote Trove on Tour

 Southern Sweethearts Necklace

Dress: Modcloth
Jacket: Material Girl, Macy's
Boots: Alloy
Bag: Princess Vera, Kohl's
Belt: Wet Seal

Top: XOXO, Macy's
Skirt: J. C. Penney's
Shoes: Payless
Bag: B Fabulous
Belt: Kohl's

 Southern Starlet Necklace

Top: Bisou Bisou, J. C. Penney's
Skirt: Macy's
Shoes: J. C. Penney's
Bag: Nine West, Ross
Belt: Boscov's
Scarf: Express

Camisole: Wet Seal
Cardigan: Kohl's
Skirt: J. C. Penney's
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Kohl's
Belt: Kohl's
Scarf: Wet Seal

We've all heard of fan fiction and its legions of teenage boys and middle-aged men scribbling stories starring their favorite comic book heroes.  If ever there was a feminine version of such behavior (and I mean no disrespect to the women penning parables about caped crusaders - but this, albeit sexist, gender-based generalization works for this post, so I'm running with it), then it's fan fashion, and I, for one, am hooked.  I can't seem to stop ripping CDs - or rather, ripping CD case covers, that is (lest my activities be confused with pirating).  This week I've moved on from the pop stylings of Katy Perry to made-for-TV country by cutting out my favorite (and most photogenic) characters from the soundtrack of the ABC hit drama "Nashville."  If my interpretations seem symbolic - Scarlett and Gunnar set asunder by the very music that first brought them together, and Juliette perched alone on her throne - then I have my TV addiction to thank or blame.

Style-wise, I've always been fascinated by the two sides of the country music coin: i.e., the decked-out vs. the down-home.  I love the idea of a world in which denim and diamonds can coexist.   Not surprisingly, I went for the glitz when making these necklaces, surrounding Nashville's fictional finest with rhinestones rather than ribbons.  Maybe that subconscious force was at work once again, influencing me to go with the medium that more closely mirrors "Nashville's" drama-fueled plot lines.

Then again, maybe I just have a soft spot for sparkles.                

Monday, March 31, 2014

Musical Musings with a Side of Brain Candy

 Candy Land Necklace

Top: Delia's
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Betseyville, Macy's
Bag: Fred Flare
Belt: Wet Seal
Sunglasses: Rampage, Boscov's

*If this Candy Land Necklace looks familiar, then that's because it's a remix of the original.  Normally, I hate remixes.  The electronic effects, garbled lyrics, and ever-present bass all contrive to make awesome songs sound like garbage.  But when it comes to jewelry, I'm always willing to (and you must forgive me for this) "mix it up."

 Pop Princess Necklace

Camisole: Marshalls
Cardigan: Kohl's
Jeans: L'Amour by Nanette Lepore for J. C. Penney's
Shoes: J. C. Penney's
Bag: J. C. Penney's

Dress: Kohl's
Shoes: Nine West, DSW
Bag: Marshalls
Scarf: A. C. Moore
Sunglasses: Rampage, Boscov's

I made the Pop Princess Necklace featured in this post by cutting the Katy Perry image from the jacket of her One of the Boys CD.  In honor of it, here are some thoughts on music:

1)  It's weird that you (usually) need to hear a new song a few times before you start to like it.  This doesn't say much about humans, except for maybe that we like being brainwashed.  

2)  Splurging on CDs is better than springing for (fancy - for this is one of those cases in which a qualifying adjective is a must) soaps because the CDs will still be around long after the tunes have tumbled off the Top 40 list, whereas the soap, fetching bottle and all, will be only a memory once the bubbles have popped.

3)  Buying a CD of a favorite song is a little bit like moving in with someone (I say this, of course, for comedic effect, and not from personal experience).  You think it'll be great.  As in, "I can hear the song (see my beloved) whenever I want!  I don't have to wait for it to come on the radio (him/her to swing by on date night)!"  Then you play it on repeat (see him/her every day in his/her ratty bathrobe) and get sick of it, longing for the lost magic of the random rendezvous.  As CD buying tells us, mastering music appreciation (not to mention romantic bliss) is a delicate balance.  
4)  One day CDs will fall by the wayside and people will reminisce about when they used to buy those quaint silver discs packaged in cases decorated with wacky artwork.  Perhaps "The Crazy Ones" put it best a couple of episodes ago in this exchange between Sydney and her new cater waiter flame: 

Cater Waiter: "I lied.  I like Starbucks.  I buy all my CDs there."  

Sydney: "I love that you still buy CDs."

(Confession: I too loved this about the cater waiter and was saddened by his eventual (albeit inevitable) exit.)

5)  Supergroups are like super necklaces - lots of big personalities competing for attention in a very small space - and as such should be enjoyed with caution.  

I'm already contemplating another CD cover art-come-necklace to include in next week's post.  So, as they say, turn up the tunes.  (As ever, I have no idea who "they" are.  But it was as good a way to end a post as any.)